Links 8/19/12

Links for you. Science:

Genes carried by E. coli bacteria linked to colon cancer (less breathless treatment here)
Israel sperm banks find quality is plummeting
The Emerging Revolution in Game Theory
The real-life My Little Ponies were creepy and magnificent beasts
The modern-day virgin birth
Cinnamon for diabetes? The consequences of “natural alternatives”
A Major Advance Toward a Birth Control Pill for Men


How Not to Figure Out Republicans (Ezra Klein, for reasons I don’t understand, has really been bamboozled by Paul Ryan)
International Reading Tests have a liberal bias!
Where Have All The Cults Gone? (one could argue that the rise of ‘prosperity Evangelicalism’ does constitute a cult, and it is recent)
Roomba Evolution of the Day (FEAR THE DOOMBA!!)
The MF Global Case: What “Looking Forward” Looks Like
Two-Faced Paul Ryan secretly begged Obama for Stimulus Funds
Romney’s Angry-Black-Man Strategy Is No Surprise
Ohio Secretary Of State Turns Car Around, Gives Equal, Crappier Voting Opportunities To All
They think they own the military
What Does Obama Really Believe In?
Facebook Latest Victim of Wall Street ADHD
Walking Rates in America Improve, Still Pitiful
Middle-Age Blues

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