Garden Furniture For All?

Observed on Commonwealth Mall, between Exeter and Fairfield streets:


It lasted for over 24 hours….

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3 Responses to Garden Furniture For All?

  1. joemac53 says:

    My two older kids went to school in Boston, so I have much experience with student furniture. One extremely heavy pull-out couch was a real bear to get up a narrow staircase, and I vowed to never take it home. At the end of the school year we left it on the sidewalk (my daughter was aghast, where it lasted all of two hours (according to the roommate).

  2. A Palazzo says:

    DANG! That lamp looks really familiar! We had one that looked just like that when we lived on Beacon near Hereford. Needless to say we left it with the appartment when we moved out about 4 years ago.

  3. Peter Munro says:

    Great idea! The shade will protect the beverage and snacks while someone enjoys people-watching, feeding the pigeons or reading a book! What a clever concept for outdoor entertaining and relaxing!

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