Links 8/12/12

Links for you. Science:

Why aren’t we all tall?
Kitty Cams Reveal Shocking Truth
BEACON FOOD SAFETY DEVELOPS LOW-COST PATHOGEN TESTING (not sure how it works, but seems promising)
Anolis sagrei (Cuban Brown Anole) in Valdosta, Georgia
The Best Argument in Favor of Open Access Science is All of Them


Profiles in Cowardice: How the Beltway Punditocracy Gets Paul Ryan’s Plan Totally Wrong (must-read)
Mansions On The Hill (must-read)
Generational Warfare (this post should be a campaign theme for the Democrats. It won’t be though)
Jonah Lehrer, Malcolm Gladwell and our thirst for non-threatening answers (have I ever mentioned that Gladwell is a horrible person?)
Paul Ryan: A Good Choice, but Please, Not a ‘Serious’ One
Five Things to Know About Ryan—and Romney
“Triumph of Religion”-Boston Public Library (my local branch!)
Meet Paul Ryan: Climate Denier, Conspiracy Theorist, Koch Acolyte
The Fall of the Creative Class
Still Falling: On Chickens and Eggs, Cause and Effect and the Real Problem with the Creative Class
And the “Centrist” Rush to Praise a Fantasy Paul Ryan Begins
SHOCKING: Bobby Jindal’s Vouchers Will Provide Over $700,000 Per Year To School Led by “Prophet, Apostle.”
Mormon Church ‘owns unregulated gun sale website’: One of the most active and unregulated gun sale websites in America is owned by the Mormon Church
Fareed Zakaria’s Plagiarism: Even Worse Than It Looks
Paul Ryan isn’t a deficit hawk. He’s a conservative reformer. (or, as we call them around these parts, a batshitloonitarian)
Down With Shareholder Value (I’ve made this point before, but interesting to see it in the NYT)
Paul Ryan’s ideological twin? Michele Bachmann
Unemployment Stories, Vol. Four: Pride and Pain

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