How To Be an Asshole on the T

Actually, there are so many ways to be an asshole (mansitting comes to mind). But this is what really bothers me, especially when trains are crowded:

And this:

Don’t hog the whole fucking pole! And you’ve come a long way, baby:

Usually, when people are doing this, they’re using their cell phones. If you’re not coordinated enough to hold onto the pole with one hand, and use the cell phone with the other, then you shouldn’t be using the cell phone.


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2 Responses to How To Be an Asshole on the T

  1. johnkrehbiel – Lusby, Md – Retired Science teacher, homebrewer
    johnkrehbiel says:

    My inclination would be to grab the pole anyway. And if they act like that’s a problem, cut a really loud, smelly fart.

    But that’s just me. lol

  2. tomamitai
    tomamitai says:

    Yeah, people with balance problems that make them cling to poles to keep from falling on moving, rocking transit vehicles are complete assholes and should be ridiculed on the internet!

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