Links 7/31/12

Links for you. Science:

Why do women leave science?
Why Don’t Social Scientists Want To Be Read?
Food-borne illnesses not diminishing, CDC finds
Science in crisis? Go on then, prove it
Assessing “emotional intelligence” will not help us understand psychopathy
CEI Compares Climate Scientist to a Child Molester


A Serious Design Flaw Is Suspected in State Tests (but let’s use them for hiring and firing decisions anyway!)
An Open Rant to Those Who Insist on Conflating Both Parties as the Same
The Dark Knight Rises is not a conservative film
Nevada Education Ranked Last In Country By ‘Kids Count’ Report, Parents Consider Moving Out Of State
Rant: Why NBC and The American Media Are An Embarrassment
Temple Mount Tackiness
Poverty in America: Why Can’t We End It?
Mitt Romney is a frequent and blatant liar. Why don’t our guardians of discourse care?
PSSA-cheating reforms yield lower scores across Pa.
Dying Lion Sure Doesn’t Feel As Though He’s Completing Some Great Cosmic Circle
An Open Letter from MAMLEO to Boston Mayor Menino
Jonah Lehrer’s Deceptions–The celebrated journalist fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in his new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works (the sad thing is that this wasn’t necessary)
You Know What the ‘Voter ID’ Push Is All About, So Say So
Isn’t Mitt supposed to be some expert on health care systems?
Mitt Romney Praises Socialized Healthcare, As Long As It’s Not American

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