Dear Former Climate ‘Skeptic’: The Coalition of the Sane Does Not Need Your Validation

So go fuck yourself. Seriously. I agree with William Connolley: Muller has done nothing more than re-confirm something which had already been reconfirmed years ago. We knew then global warming is largely due to human emissions of greenhouse gases, but Muller was too arrogant to accept it:

All of that is bollocks. What Muller is saying is that he read a few [sceptic] blogs, didn’t bother read any of the scientific literature, and so decided to run his own project. So is that his model for converting sceptics? Everyone who has doubts gets to run their own re-analysis of the temperature record? Its going to be a pretty slow process at that rate. Wouldn’t it be quicker if people just read the existing literature?

Climatologist Ken Caldiera offers a more polite version:

I am glad that Muller et al have taken a look at the data and have come to essentially the same conclusion that nearly everyone else had come to more than a decade ago.

The basic scientific results have been established for a long time now, so I do not see the results of Muller et al as being scientifically important. However, their result may be politically important. It shows that even people who suspect climate scientists of being charlatans, when they take a hard look at the data, see that the climate scientists have been right all along.

Unfortunately, it’s not just global warming. Repentant movement conservatives like Andrew Sullivan and David Frum, who castigated us Dirty Hippies for pointing out that movement conservatives had gone insane, now grudgingly admit we were right in the form of long-winded mea culpas that describe their heroic Livingstone-esque journey to the Light.

Look assholes, it’s not about you. It was never about you. It was about doing the right thing, and when it mattered you stood in the way.

So get out of the way, and let us fix things. And everyone else, please remember their track record sucks. It will save us trouble in the long run.

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3 Responses to Dear Former Climate ‘Skeptic’: The Coalition of the Sane Does Not Need Your Validation

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  2. Physicalist
    physicalist says:

    lol. Thanks for saying it.

  3. kaleberg
    Kaleberg says:

    I’m less harsh on these guys. It isn’t just about them. It’s about those whom they would like to influence, the ones left behind. If you read what they’ve produced, it’s an old fashioned propaganda, an advertisement. It’s form is at the heart of all too many systems of belief. Needless to say, it won’t convince anyone who tends to base decision on evidence, but it will have an effect on those who look to leaders.

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