Links 1/24/12

Links for you. Science:

Just Look Science-y: A True Story
2011 Success Rates, Applications, and Investigators
What’s Behind the 2011 Success Rates?
Men and Women – Alien Personalities?
MRSA in pork products: does the “antibiotic-free” label make a difference?


What do the markets have to do with the election? Not much.
McDonald’s Signing Bonuses: North Dakota Outlet Offering $300 To Potential Hires (yes, when unemployment is low, wages go up–and this is a good thing)
The 27 Percenters
No Class: College Football Coach Salaries Rose 35 Percent Last Year
Chuck Todd’s Knickers in a Twist Over… Colbert
In Defense of Dana Loesch (about war)
Everybody’s Reasonable (words do have meaning)
Watching Sex: How Men Really Respond to Pornography
Obama’s Level-Headed Response To Pro-Life Radicals
Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System (interesting take though I think many ‘reform’ advocates are true believers)
Agnew’s Resentment Machine: Six Data Points About Culture War and The Campaign Press
The anti-choice fight for dog-women
Concord resident seeks to license and regulate cats (or we could just help the coyotes move in)

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