VA Republican Fail: Onward, Comrade!

In Loudon County, Virgina, a bastion of theopolitical wingnuttiness and wackaloonitarianism, right-wing Republican State Senate candidate Patricia Phillips is attacking Democratic opponent Mark Herring for not thanking veterans. That’s standard winger sliming tactics, but in this case, the execution leaves something to be desired. Here’s the flier:

Not only is this not a U.S. military uniform, it’s a…Soviet uniform (here’s a larger image: the gold medal to the right of the coat button says “CCCP”).

Republicans are commie symps?

This is what happens when you have a very shallow, ideologically winnowed talent pool.

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1 Response to VA Republican Fail: Onward, Comrade!

  1. Art says:

    One would think that if they cared about veterans, perhaps knew one of two personally, they might have asked that they review that picture before it went out. Most every person with even a passing exposure to US uniforms would know that there was something not quite right about it. US dress uniforms have a certain look that is fairly distinct. Quite distinct when compared to Soviet versions. The repeated red star theme, particularly the red star on the ship, and CCCP lettering are dead giveaways.

    Then again when the truth is that you actually care not a whit about veterans, and use them purely as a political symbol to flog an opponent, there is no reason to get your facts straight or getting tied up in messy details, like making sure that the man being depicted is actually wearing a US uniform.

    Then again, I personally have no problem with candidate Patricia Phillips honoring Russian veterans. I’m not sure how the rest of the party of God will take it.

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