Links 9/5/11

Labor Day links for you.

Work-Life Balance in Science
My kid’s “science” teacher is teaching that global warming is a myth. (worth remembering this is the lunacy the Coalition of the Sane faces)
Dave Jewell Aboard The Lady J Catches Rare Yellow Lobster
Annual Federal Spending Per Person
What the bugs?


Default crisis is evicting renters
Why the Breakfast Most Americans Will Eat Today Is a Corporate Scam (“We wake up, eat dessert, then sit.”)
Universities Are Not (Only) About Education
Henderson calls white enrollment growth good for D.C. schools (for those of you familiar with D.C.–not War-Shing-Tun, but D.C.–this story highlights how explosive the issue of education is)
High-tech classrooms don’t mean higher scores
The Limping Middle Class
Tower at new Old South not as old as rest of new Old South (what I find amazing is how unchanged so many of the buildings are)
My daughter the commie

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