Links 8/29/11

Not much of a storm, at least in Boston. Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:
Teh Wimminz in Academia Thingy Again
Racial Disparity in NIH Grants: Solutions from Your Humble Narrator
Worst Excuse Ever (to not disclose ties to pharma companies. For Intelligent Designer’s sake NIH, even Darrell Issa would be embarrassed to use that excuse)
Cost of Compassion: Drug Resistance in Military Hospitals (what’s interesting is that drug resistance is so much higher in bacteria from Afghans than from U.S. soldiers)
Friday Tiger Blogging
Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal
More on the vanishing business of writing
Even the liberal New Republic . . .
Bryce Covert: Recession Has Lit the Fuse on Explosive Student Debt
Misunderstanding the Monetary System Is Bad for Your Portfolio
Understanding The Modern Monetary System
The less intelligent more likely to accept astrology as scientific
If You Work Out In A Gold’s Gym Or Stay At An Omni Hotel, You Are Underwriting The Fascist Agenda In America

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