Links 7/31/11

Some fiddling while Rome burns. That is, links for you. Science:
FFS: TVC’s new NIH boogeyman – CHINA
Friday Weird Science: Knights in Shining Armor, Not as sexy as you might think
How Greedy Corporations Are Destroying America’s Status as ‘Innovation Nation’
A quick dive into the protist world (Part I)
Debunking the Big Lie Right-Wingers Use to Justify Black Poverty and Unemployment: Economic factors and changes in public policies, not manifestations of “black culture,” explain African Americans’ relatively poorer economic outcomes.
Religious fanatics and the debt ceiling
Who Funded Breivik? (note to Obama: the ‘professional’ left you disdain is not the moral equivalent of the wackaloon right)
The President’s Obligation to Take Care That the Laws Be Faithfully Executed Requires Him to Start Minting Large-Denomination Platinum Coins
And how did you like the kabuki dance, Mr Lincoln?
For-Profit Higher Education Industry Sues to Block Weak “Gainful Employment” Rule

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