Links 5/14/11

Links for you. Science:
How Nature’s lawyers drown investigative science journalism
Free Science, One Paper at a Time
Destructive Asian longhorned beetles found near quarantine boundary; zone expanded to Auburn
Let us eat (other people’s) fish
Simply The Best
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Mitt
Workers Inject Trees to Protect Against Dutch Elm Disease on the Common
Why It’s Strange That Everybody in the United States Speaks English
Traditional Jewish Food: A Defense. Some of us are actually okay with who we are and what we eat
Stupid Politician Tricks; aka Averages Unfairly Biased against Moronic Conclusions
The Real Enemy of Unions: Why organized labor should join with entrepreneurs to bust the corporate monopolies threatening them both. (makes a key point about monopoly power and political power)

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  1. csrster says:

    Brilliant stuff:
    “If only we hunched, bespectacled Ashkenazim out here in the diaspora could divorce ourselves more fully from our cramped Yiddish roots in the shtetl and somehow adopt the exotic culture of our “Sephardic cousins,” then we, too, might be unique and would no longer need to loathe ourselves. ”

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