Links 2/3/11

I really, really wish it would snow. Regardless, here are some links. Science.
Throw the snow in the Harbor! (not convinced about the environmental impacts; I don’t mind shipping some of them back to the burbs)
Bats in Borneo roost in carnivorous pitcher plants
The NIH reduces proposed budgets to fund more grants
Less punishment, less crime (80% of addicts still drug free after one year seems like a good intervention to me…)
Paul Ryan’s Deficit Reduction Fairy Tales: Part One
Reggae: the sound that revolutionised Britain. Punk may have got all the headlines, but reggae proved vital in ending the rift between black and white teenagers and introducing cross-pollination to the charts
Jon Stewart Needs to Get the Hell Over It
A personal observation about unrest in Egypt
Another Look at Adam Smith and the Market
The Federal Budget is NOT like a Household Budget: Here’s Why
Harsh life under the Zakim Bridge: Wary group shuns homeless shelters
An uncertain future after jobless benefits expire

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