Links 1/26/11

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this blogger from links. Science:
Leapin’ Blennies
Science Online 2011: Even when we want something, we need to hide it.
CloVR: A genomics tool for automated and portable sequence analysis using Virtual Machines and Cloud computing
Solar car speed record smashed
The Blue Collar Life
Beacon Hill: It’s Time for 2 + 2
The Data Shows that State “Beggar Thy Neighbor” Policies Don’t Work.
NYT: “You Think Houses Are a Slow Sell? Try a Yacht” (the last sentence is brilliant)
Mass Supreme Court to Consider Whether Buyers Out of Faulty Foreclosures Actually Own Property
“The Vast Majority Of This Contraction Of Credit Availability To American Industry Has Been By The Larger Banks” (too big to fail, meet too big to loan)
The Republicans have a savings plan. Gut the Nation’s Personality
Why We Don’t Believe that the Fact that We Had too Many People Working in Construction in 2007 Has Much to Do with Our Current 10% Unemployment

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  1. Katharine says:

    Mike, you sure know how to make my bad mood worse.

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