Links 1/1/11

Lots of ones in today’s date. No doubt some woomeister is making a ton of money from that. Anyway, here are some links. Science:
That’s How Science Works
Utilities Seek Fresh Talent for Smart Grids
There’s plenty of time for evolution
Turnout low for Rhode Island’s school-based flu-vaccination clinics (this should be done nationally)
As Reasonable As Hell (must-read)
Are conservatives fatter than liberals?
Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die
Dear NYT: No Means No; Shoving A Dick Into An Unconscious Person Is Rape. Any Questions?
Historians find Virginia textbooks about as accurate as Fox News (having grown up in Virginia, this is probably equal parts ideology and incompetence)

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  1. Joe Shelby says:

    Actually, the VA textbook problem was entirely ignorance. The ideological issues were subtle, and really only one or two instances of the dozens of inaccuracies in the book. The book was simply wrong EVERYWHERE.
    The bigger issue, like most education issues, was that the book was rapidly approved without any proper review. The book was approved quickly because it was *cheap*, coming in at less than half the price of the more commonly used textbook for that age group and subject matter.
    It was approved without a review because the state simply no longer has the financial resources (thanks to tax cuts and the fact that the state gets most of its money from property taxes, the income from which dropped like a rock in the bubble) to properly maintain a full review committee.
    This is not a school board picks David Barton to lead situation, akin to Texas. This is simply a school board that is flat broke and seeing a book that could save them money over the alternative from a mainstream (and reputable) publisher.

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