Links 10/23/10

A nice, sunny Saturday. If you’re stuck inside, and you don’t feel like calling up Anita Hill and harassing her for no good reason, here are some links for you. Science:
Curious controversial case of colony collapse disorder afflicting bees in U.S.
Royce Murray and Caveat Emptor
50 More Urban Species #42: Phidippus audax
A hot bed of germ-y journalism (aka germs on gadgets)
TheDC OP-ED: One nation, under fraud (a good, if long summary, of the foreclosure mess. Notable as it occurs in a conservative publication)
This teacher reacts to seeing “Waiting for Superman”
Foreclosure Fraud: We Need to Fix the Banks Again
Capitalism Would have Killed the Chilean Miners: a Reply to Mr. Henninger
A New Study Shows that Americans are Idiots

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