Links 8/21/10

It’s nice out, but if you’re stuck inside, here are some links for you. Science:
This Hauser thing is getting hard to watch
Creation Museum Creates Discomfort For Some Visitors (didn’t know that guard dogs are what ‘teaching the controversy’ meant. Also, creationists ‘debunk’ evolution in real museums all the time, so why do they get bent out of shape when the tables are turned?)
Pepe LePew can go F himself
Andrew Jackson’s America
Seeing ‘Red’ about trains
The Thirty-Year Itch: Krugman Explains
You can lead a whore to culture
Long Term Debt Outlook

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  1. Min says:

    On the Social Security Trust Fund:
    It is an accounting trick: one that makes people worry about their social security, and makes workers pay too much in taxes. The gov’t does not need the trust fund to meet its obligations to pay for social security. The question of the solvency of the trust fund is a way to scare people. Trust fund or no, the gov’t can and should meet its social security obligations.

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