Memorial Day Thoughts by Andy Rooney

When it comes to war, we should spend more time listening to those who have seen it. With that in mind, I bring you this by Andy Rooney, from last year’s Memorial Day:

Amazingly, Rooney received death threats over this piece.
That explains a lot, actually.

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3 Responses to Memorial Day Thoughts by Andy Rooney

  1. MartinDH says:

    I’m not gung-ho about Andy Rooney as a commentator, but what in that piece was so unacceptable that would inspire *anyone* to send a death threat to the old curmudgeon?

  2. ldw56old
    dean says:

    I think it was the hidden implication that death in war isn’t the greatest thing a person can aspire to that pisses some people off.

  3. I think it’s the implication that we need to find a better religion so we can stop shooting at each other. Andy is right though. All of the major religions we have today seem to encourage war.

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