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Even Diane Ravitch Understands What Makes MA Schools Superb…

…too bad MA Governor Deval Patrick, and for that matter, President Obama, don’t.
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Does Anyone Know If the HCR Does Anything to Stop Hospital Price Gouging? The Coakley Report Edition

This is old-fashioned monopoly power. Maybe it requires old-fashioned trust-busting?
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Why Policy Wonks and Academics Need to Understand Politics: The Diane Ravitch Edition

It’s refreshing to see that even PhDs [/snark] can be suckered by the corporate manipulation of cultural resentments.
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There Will Be Books: Raven Used Books Opens in Boston

One of the things Newbury Street has lacked is a used book store. Now it has one.
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Racism Is Still the Republican Base: The Healthcare Edition

There’s nothing like the prospect of a black person receiving a government service to rile up the Republican base.
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Saturday Links

Happy Sunny Saturday! If you’re trapped inside, I have links for you.
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The Failure of the Progressive Bloc

Representation FAIL.
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What’s the Matter with the Boston Public Library?

Anyone else having problems with the BPL?
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Education and Not Racing to the Bottom

There is more than one way conducive to ‘the good life.’
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Thursday Links

Happy Post-Evacuation Day. Links for you.
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