Jon Swift, RIP

We are saddened to report, by way of Blue Gal and Tom Watson, that faux conservative blogger and brilliant satirist Jon Swift passed away. I corresponded with him a few times, and I always found him to be a complete delight (not to mention a riot).
My favorite Jon Swift: Jon Swift’s Complete Amazon Reviews
He will be missed.

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5 Responses to Jon Swift, RIP

  1. Bora Zivkovic
    Coturnix says:

    Oh, no! He was brilliant. How old was he?

  2. Well that’s absolutely lousy news. My condolences to his family and friends.

  3. Comradde PhysioProffe
    Comrade PhysioProf says:

    Heartbreaking news. Swifty was a true mensch.

  4. Tangled Up in Blue Guy – Minnesota – I am a blogger who has been on hiatus. I don't have a host site for at the present time, and so I have decided to come back to this fallback site in order to return to my blogging. My writing may not be up to snuff for a while as I get back into practice, but please world, know that I have missed you something fierce.
    Mike Haubrich, FCD says:

    He was a brilliant writer and a sly wit. I will miss reading his works.

  5. connecticutman1 – Drinking Liberally in New Milford New Milford, Connecticut, USA Politics, snark, typical bloggy stuff. I would rather be blogging about hockey, gardening or sex... But these times have demanded action both in the biggest think tank on earth - the Blogosphere - and out in the real world. For decades, activism has seemed like a rudderless ship and, for years, Blogging has been about sitting around screaming at the wind. Done together and correctly - Blogivism - can pilot the ship through the worst storms. "Life sucks... Too bad it doesn't swallow." US Army Veteran and unabashed LIBERAL. Political party: Unaffiliated
    Connecticut Man1 says:

    It is amazing how many people have been touched by his Blogging character. Everywhere I look there is or was a post on this. Still a little sad over this. 🙁

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