Creationist Texas Board of Ed Member Loses in Primary

It would appear that the Coalition of the Sane is beginning to reassert itself–if only by a one percent margin (italics mine):

The surprising result of the night came from the State Board of Education District 9 Republican primary, as Thomas Ratliff defeated incumbent and former SBOE Chairman Don McLeroy. This particular campaign actually received national attention, as McLeroy received notoriety criticizing evolution and comprehensive sex education. During the campaign Ratliff presented himself as a moderate alternative, and McLeroy actually used that term as why the constituents of District 9 should not vote for his challenger. There was also a grassroots effort to turnout moderate Republicans to vote for Ratliff and for Democrats to vote in the Republican primary to vote against McLeroy.

Late in the evening with 83% of precincts reporting the Texas Tribune quoted McLeroy as saying that “I think I lost” and that “”These things don’t swing 2,000 votes.” Although, according the Texas Tribune there was a push in the final week of the campaign by conservatives to keep McLeroy on the State Board of Education. While Ratliff lead in fundraising throughout the campaign in the last week McLeroy raised $13,502 compared to Ratliff’s $12,656, including last-minute $5,000 donation from Houston businessman Bob Perry. However, it was not enough to push McLeroy to victory as Ratliff defeated the incumbent only 1% of the vote and by just over 1,000 votes.

As I’ve noted before, the theopolitical right, even in conservative areas, is a small minorityas long as the non-crazy people actually show up and vote.
Well done, Texas.

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  1. Hooray. See my post, “Hijacking Jesus” Feb 16, at

  2. Barbara says:

    I’m a concerned American who read about this in the NYT Magazine, so I’m looking for the results and found it and some relief here. Thanks for reporting and I agree with you about everybody voting, do you know if the turnout was average or otherwise?

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