Yearly Roundup

Since it’s my birthday (and we do not work on this holy day), I’m giving links to some posts that got a lot of traffic or links (somebody liked them….). Enjoy:
Scientific Consensus Is a Process, Not a List of Names
To Restore Science to Its Rightful Place, We Need to Redefine Elitism
A Question for Science Journalists: What About the ‘Other Side’ of Science?
Note to Obama: You Need to Rebuild Trust Within Your Own Party
Why Were the Donut Fearers Ever Taken Seriously?
Obama and Self-Inflicted Negotiation: More of the Same?
Jindal Is Smart? Really?
How Is Turning Away the Mentally Ill a Good Solution?
How to Deal with Foreclosed Home Owners
Krugman Discusses the Mad Biologist: Now If I Had Only Put That on My Blog
Update on the Housing Post
This Is What Class Warfare Looks Like: The So-Called Free Market Edition
Big Sh-tpile and Why Geithner’s Plan Won’t Work
To Be Scientifically Literate, You Do Have to Know Things
Kristof on MRSA: Good, but There’s Better Evidence
Biotech and Business Journalism: It’s the Business Model, Stupid
I Told You the Pork Lobbyists Would Comment on Kristof’s Column
Very Wealthy People Can Be Very Stupid: The Obama Tax Plan Edition

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  1. Tangled Up in Blue Guy – Minnesota – I am a blogger who has been on hiatus. I don't have a host site for at the present time, and so I have decided to come back to this fallback site in order to return to my blogging. My writing may not be up to snuff for a while as I get back into practice, but please world, know that I have missed you something fierce.
    Mike Haubrich, FCD says:

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

  2. Aggiemicro says:

    Nicholas Kristof: STATS winner of the worst “science” journalist of the year.

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