Republican VA State Representative Raises Possibility of Treasonous Insurrection

I should never have to tag a post with “Secession.” Moving right along…

Having grown up in Virginia, I’m well aware of the propensity of batshit lunacy: this is the state whose Republican Party nominated Ollie North for Senate. But Republican VA state delegate nominee Catherine T. Crabill has elevated the lunacy to a whole new level. To start with, she’s an Oklahoma City bombing truther. But Crabill veers from the lunatic to the outright dangerous:

Crabill… claimed the Obama administration is pursuing legislation that will turn it into “the thought police” and wants to put Americans in “the chains of slavery.”
Crabill’s plan to stop Obama? Follow Texas Governor Rick Perry’s lead and declare Virginia’s sovereignty from the United States of America:

What would I do as a state delegate? … I would like to follow in the footsteps of the great state of Texas and Governor Rick Perry … They were reasserting their tenth amendment right to sovereignty.

And what if Rick Perry’s sovereignty gambit doesn’t work?

We have a chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before we have to resort to the bullet box.

I am glad for all of us who enjoy the use of firearms for hunting, but make no mistake, that was not the intent of the Founding Fathers. Our second amendment right was to guard against tyranny.

Amazingly, Crabill managed to to take things a step further, saying that the time had arrived for people to decide “here and now” what to live for and what to die for.

What we need to decide here and now is not only what is worth living for, but what is worth dying for. And it is time to make that determination because we may very well be called to pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. In fact, I think, I think that’s what the clarion call is for this day.

Apparently, Crabill’s first choice is to get her way through democratic means, but failing that, she is prepared to fight a civil war.

Maybe her reluctance to fight a civil war makes her a moderate? Because the last civil war Virginia helped foment turned out really well.
Could you imagine if a Democrat said anything like this? There would be non-stop cable and nightly news bloviating about the Democrats’ ‘treason problem’ or something.

When are the Republican Party and the conservative movement going to be held accountable for this lunacy?

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14 Responses to Republican VA State Representative Raises Possibility of Treasonous Insurrection

  1. SLC says:

    Re Catherine T. Crabill
    I have to admit to never having hear of this moron before but she is even crazier then Delegate William Marshall from Prince William County who is right up there with Michelle Bachmann in the whackjob department.

  2. megan says:

    The scary thing is the couple of thousand or more supporters who believe the same as them/her and out voted the opposition and the non voting care-less types. She probably won 40% or less out of a 50-70% or less active voting constituency, which happens constantly around the US. That’s why I demand the fining or taxing for non participating voter/citizens. If you’re qualified you better be at the polls, mail it in, for every major vote. I increased the voters in my precinct but still it’s wavering around slightly over 55% of the voting eligible population. Urban transitory renters makes it hard because they don’t know or care to vote.

  3. Edward says:

    What ever happened to the idea of “Loyal Opposition?”

  4. Mark P says:

    When her ballot-box secession fails, I presume she will be on the front lines, firing the first shots at some military post. I’m sure she won’t rely on someone else to be willing to die for her convictions. Will she?

  5. busterggi
    Rob Jase says:

    This woman has a future with the batshit GOP.
    On the other hand, I know I’d vote to let Texas go on it’s own. Virginia I think we’d have to keep though – after all, it is for lovers.

  6. Scrabcake says:

    Fine. Go then. Maybe the rest of us can have healthcare and healthcare without the “let’s screw over women” caveat.
    Funny how you didn’t see anyone doing this (other than internet cartoonists) under Bush… and obama hasn’t actually DONE anything.

  7. BobTerrace
    NewEnglandBob says:

    Sounds like Catherine T. Crabill needs to be committed to a loony bin.
    Rob Jase: We need to keep Austin part of Texas. The rest can go.

  8. Sounds like Virginia has a terrorist problem.
    Only a terrorist would seek to destroy the United States of America at home while her brave men and women are fighting for our freedoms abroad.
    Extraordinary rendition with enhanced interrogation in a third world country of your choice would be the logical option here. Catherine T. Crabill (Terrorist Republican) should be made to answer for her crimes against the great people of American and used for intelligence purposes to identify her co-conspirators.
    Liberty prevails.

  9. JThompson says:

    Before I read this I had no idea there even were Oklahoma City troofers.
    I’d probably be in favor of letting the south go, even though it’d mean moving to a state with sane people in it.
    They’d tank their ecomony within the first two weeks and be begging to come back within a month.
    Free Money and Services For Everyone With No Taxes Because Jesus Hates Theft-land might be what’s needed to shut conservatives and freemarketeers up once and for all.

  10. Mac says:

    Firstly, George Washington said
    “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.”
    Secondly, George Washington also said
    “It is better to be alone than in bad company”
    Finally, my favorite for all you funky statists from GW…
    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
    Now bow down to your master my friend…

  11. Hypocee says:

    I’m not your friend, kiddo.

  12. Monado, FCD says:

    I certainly hope that that ring at the doorbell is the FBI coming to take her away for a long, long time.

  13. Monado, FCD says:

    Don’t let them secede: they have resources developed for the good of the country and roads built by the federal government. If they don’t like it, let them go back to Europe where they came from!

  14. mikemawords – 50ish computer geek, scouter, biker, opinionated, liberal
    MikeMa says:

    I blame Palin for making it okay to be batshit crazy in public. We had lunatics before she popped up but they were muttering quietly in their beer. Now its perfectly fine propose treason if the guvmint isn’t locked on to your agenda. I put up with Bush for 8 years – time for the right to shut up and take it for a while.

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