More Swine Flu/Homeopathy Snark

Courtesy of Skepchick:

If you are “more at risk” to have a deadly infectious virus, like you just got back from a pig-licking tour of Mexico* where you were repeatedly sneezed on, then you should see a real medical professional. Homeopaths do not necessarily have medical degrees and all they can do is give you sugar water and then maybe contract swine flu from you and then you can die in one another’s arms, just like Romeo and Juliet only stupider, which is really saying something….
In the meantime, feel free to self-treat your deadly, human race-ending disease with a variety of other products, all of which are actually just water and therefore are, in fact, perfectly safe for everyone from babies to the elderly. Until they all die of the swine flu.

Heh. Go read the whole thing.

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5 Responses to More Swine Flu/Homeopathy Snark

  1. prabakaran says:

    hi mike ,
    the very nature of prejudice about the things which we know little or none itself well described as symptom in homeopathy , pl take a note of it , i assure you it is not the system at mistake – we do make mistakes after mistakes brushing aside – and ultimately pushed / pushing this planets diverse fauna and flora ( including human race – green house effect) at this time think with wisdom not alone with attitude – “wisdom with attitude win freedom for all”

  2. Sam C says:

    Did you sneeze prabakaran?
    I see that you have followed the homeopathic approach to wisdom: you have taken one small bit of wisdom (that we make mistakes), then diluted it such an extent that it no longer exists.
    You have taken an average IQ of 100, diluted it 10C and now have an IQ of 0.000000000000000001. That’s a fearsomely potent IQ for a homeopath!
    Another sneeze prabakaran?

  3. Pineyman says:

    Sam –
    Thanks for the translation. My head exploded about a dozen words into Prab’s only sentence. Be careful though. he/she/it may be the modern equivalent of Typhoid Mary – Swine Flu Prab. totally engulfed, but blissfully ignorant he/she/it is spreading sh*tpiles….

  4. David Lee says:

    Keep up the good snark. Very funny. Now’s the time for all alt-med types to get themselves infected and then heal their condition with a good colonic or something.

  5. seslitwitter – sesli chat
    chat says:

    very thanks for article!

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