Wednesday Link Dump

Here are some posts for you. Science first:

What? The Great Lakes Too Obvious?
Make All Academic Research Databases Free For Everyone
Perverse Incentives
Palaeowomaen: Barbara Isaac, Women in The Field, and The Throwing Hypothesis
Left And Right Working Together
Please, spare us from the melodramatic populism
In praise of class warfare
Journalism, Civil Society and 21st Century Reportage
How to spot a hidden religious agenda
Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable
Step 2: Documenting Bushvilles

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1 Response to Wednesday Link Dump

  1. Thanks for spreading this to your readers, Mike. There have to be more of these in other cities that are getting ignored. The Blogs already have a network in place to document them and the organizers are out there to help figure out what we can start doing to fix it at least a little bit. I just can’t see wasting HuffPo’s effort to document the Tent Cities and just end it there. They had a good idea but we can do better than that.

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