Intelligent Design Creationism: The Intersection of Everything Stupid

:By way of moonbat, I came across this diagram that explains intelligent design creationism perfectly:

Nuff said.

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5 Responses to Intelligent Design Creationism: The Intersection of Everything Stupid

  1. Moopheus says:

    I don’t know; that chart implies the existence of nonstupid politics. Like this Higgs boson, that is a theoretical construct that has yet to be definitively observed in nature.

  2. chezjake says:

    @ Moopheus: While I’d agree pretty much that non-stupid politics has not been observable recently, I think that the founding fathers came up with some pretty good example of it in writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    What’s erroneous in the chart is the exclusion of Republicans from religion.

  3. JimFiore says:

    Nope. “Republicans” is the intersection of “Politics” and “Stupidity”. “Intelligent Design” is the subset that also intersects with “Religion”; consequently, ID includes “Republicans” (i.e., the politics of stupid people who have found religion, or more simply, religious republicans).
    This graphic has been hanging on my office door for several months!

  4. Fat Cat says:

    Hey, not all Republicans are bad.

  5. mirc says:


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