Some Sunday Links

Here are your links. Science goes firstest:

  1. Here’s one more way antibiotics are misused: treating respiratory viruses.
  2. ScienceBlogling Tara describes how epidemiologists realized that we had an XDR-TB problem.
  3. Here’s how fast a fastball really is.
  4. Joe Lieberman was so successful at foreign policy, he’s decided to move into global warming. We’re all going to die…
  5. I agree with PZ: we need to teach calculus in high school.

The other stuff:

  1. Fox News: teaching grandmothers how to hate their grandchildren.
  2. If S-CHIP isn’t adequately funded, parents could always buy pet health insurance for their kids.
  3. Speaking of S-CHIP, Republicans expose the expansion of the S-CHIP healthcare program for one reason: because it works.
  4. Have I ever mentioned that people make decisions based on ethos, not issues and policy?
  5. ScienceBlogling Joseph thinks that Gonzogate is about vote caging.
  6. Katherine Newman discusses the missing class: the near poor.
  7. Dean’s fifty-state strategy is working in purple America.
  8. Maha discusses the problem with biblical literalism.
  9. Believe it or not, your highly managed 401(k) probably does worse than the government’s unmanaged one.
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