The Other FDA Recall

You might have heard about the FDA detention of Chinese seafood because it contains antibiotic residues. I’ll have more to say about that later, but there’s another food advisory that puzzles me:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to eat Veggie Booty flavor of snack food, marketed by Robert’s American Gourmet, due to possible contamination with Salmonella Wandsworth, bacteria that cause gastrointestinal illness.

Why would you eat food called Veggie Booty? What was your first clue that this might be a bad idea?
Veggie Booty.

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3 Responses to The Other FDA Recall

  1. llewelly says:

    It’s a reference to pirates – ‘booty’ is the pirate word for the noun form of loot. Pirates are popular – apparently due to certain movies.

  2. HP says:

    “… and shake your booty means wiggle your butt. Allow me to demonstrate.” –Homer Simpson
    Actually, llewelly, “loot” is the noun form of “to loot.” It’s from the Hindi/Urdu word lut. Booty, on the other hand, is from the Middle English botye. They’re unrelated words.
    The sexual meaning of booty dates back in writing to the 1920s, but was probably in use in speech much further back. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was picked up from sailors (cf. freebooters) on the Middle Passage.
    Pedantry is dangerous business.
    [Now awaiting even more pedantic response to this comment.]

  3. Tex says:

    Aye, pedantry be a mighty risky business, me lads. A little learnin’ has done in many a fine man. I’ll wager that scurvy dog HP has not done much plunderin’ or lootin’ but he that don’t get in the way of his pontificatin’ on it.
    Pirates have no need of learnin’ but if we did, we’d likely google our way to a real authoritative source, like this here home schoolin’ site.
    Their acquaintance with the business makes me think this home schoolin’ site is run by old scallywags who have given up piratin’ for another shady enterprise.

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