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OK, That’s Not the Analogy for Iraq You Want to Use…

If I were trying to convince people to stay in Iraq, I might refer to Japan or Germany as models of occupation. But General Petraeus picked a different place…
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The Mad Biologist and Science Journalists

If you call me out of the blue and ask to speak with me, you’ve just interrupted the work I was doing. Whenever I hear the phrase “Do you have a few minutes to talk?”, I’m always tempted to respond, “Sure, because all scientists do is sit around in our offices and jerk off all day. Thank goodness you called to save me from devastating ennui.”
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Some Sunday Links

Lotsa links. First, the science stuff:
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Opiate Addiction and National Healthcare

There’s an excellent article in the NY Times magazine about the problem of opiate addiction. One of the problems when distinguishing between patients and doctors who are trying to manage pain versus those who are dealing opiates is that there is no easy way to regularly track opiate prescribing.
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Ambulances and MRSA

Here’s a disturbing paper: “Can methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus be found in an ambulance fleet?” The answer?
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Jury Duty: Do Yours

Nobody likes jury duty: most criminal and civil cases involve some moron doing something they shouldn’t have–and you end up have to waste time due to said moron. Nonetheless, having a jury trial is a cornerstone of our justice system. It’s also useful in the ‘smaller’ cases, since the ability of prosecutors to say “I have a jury next door waiting to hear this case” often results in plea settlements. Unfortunately, Suffolk county, MA has a jury pool problem:
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Maybe I’m an Extremist?

Joe Klein was very angry last week at ‘uncivil’ bloggers, and in a storming fit of something that kinda looks like anger, only wimpier, came up with a list of attributes belonging to “left-wing extremists.” I’ve gone through the list and added my own commentary.
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Bush’s Sartorial Splendor

I’ll get to El Jefe Maximo in a moment, but to dive into even more trivial waters, the thing I’ve never understood about the whole Paris Hilton affair is how utterly stupid she was. Her personal stupidity doesn’t shock me–it’s a miracle she doesn’t forget how to breathe. But rich people can hire smart people to think for them. Which brings us to Bush.
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FaithReligion-Based Earmarks

While this particular program on behalf of a religious organization is not nearly as bad as the government-sanctioned anti-Semitism run out of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives*, it still is yet another example of why government and religion require a strict separation.
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My Microbe Article About Cefquinome

The misuse of cefquinome has been a pet peeve of mine. Well, I have a commentary in ASM’s Microbe about this topic.
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