“Our Suburb Is Breached. We Will Fight to the Death.”

Sounds like a civil war to me. And as civil wars go, it’s pretty awful. A year ago, I was comparing it to Northern Ireland. Actually, comparison is the wrong word, since Iraq is far more brutal than Northern Ireland ever was.

This is not something ‘that happened.’ Those who supported the war, for whatever reason, are responsible for it. Many of us warned you this would happen, and instead of listening, we were derided as traitors and weaklings. We were not viewed as ‘serious’ people. Now, it’s too late. I can see no way to fix this problem. So thank you for dragging our nation through the mud.
Anyone says that blaming people doesn’t help things, just shut up. Just stop it. Those responsible for this war, those who supported it, those who believed in daffy notions like the “therapeutic use of violence” must never be allowed to come anywhere near the reins of power. Many of the war supporters were not stupid kids, they were adults who had experienced several wars. They should have known better. But too many wanted this war. They needed this war, as disgusting as that is. They can dress it up all they want with terms like ‘democratization’, but it came down to this: they felt stung, and they were going to hit someone back (of course, ‘they’ weren’t going to do anything, as their unwillingness to even raise taxes, let alone provide ample manpower with a draft, shows). Making sure people like these can never screw things up this badly again is not blame, it’s accountability.

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