Some Sunday Links For You

Here are some weekend links you might have missed. First, the science stuff:

  1. PZ rips apart a creationist–it’s always entertaining to read.
  2. Corpus Callosum has a nice summary of a bunch of bloggers bothered by Bush’s appointment of faith-based medical practioner Dr. Eric Keroack to head the federal Office of Population Affairs.
  3. Both John Lynch and the Mad Biologist want you to know that we are evolutionary biologists, not “Darwinists.” Calling us Darwinists makes you sound like a hick.
  4. Nick Anthis tells us that House Minority Leader John Boehner still sucks when it comes to science.
  5. Here’s a cool post on the sargassum fish.
  6. Don’t forget this month’s edition of Animalcules. Long live the Wee Beasties!
  7. I have a post about some potential chicanery at the FDA that might result in the use of a powerful antibiotic, cefquinome, to treat cattle, even though the FDA panel voted against approval.

The other stuff:

  1. Jamison Foer argues that Democrats must use their electoral mandate to force the media to behave like grownups (of course, I say, just impeach the fuckers).
  2. In a post I wrote about CNN describing Nancy Pelosi as “damaged goods“, I failed to catch this.
  3. Sara Robinson describes how the Washington press corps is like “a bunch of of trivial, self-centered pubescent girls.”
  4. Ed Brayton gives the definitive smackdown to the idea of ‘oppressed’ Christians.
  5. maha has a great post about the difference between Left and Right Blogistan.
  6. I have two posts about the Houston Janitors strike
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  1. Nick Anthis says:

    Thanks for the link. Hopefully the media/Democrats/scientists/anyone will put some pressure on Boehner and not give him a free ride on these issues.

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