Some Weekend Links You Might Have Missed

Here’s some good weekend stuff from the internets. First, the science:

  1. Neaderthal introgression, in an easy to understand graphic format.
  2. A wonderful roundup of some fascinating endangered species. Make sure to check out the Dracula ants.
  3. If you’re an itty-bitty microbe how do you outcompete some big charismatic megafauna? Be stinky.
  4. The Washington Post describes investigations into the suppression of science. I have some thoughts on the subject.

The other stuff:

  1. Jamison Foer reviews the last few years of media ineptitude.
  2. An excellent article in the role introductory economics plays in indoctrinating college students into a conservative mindset (pdf).
  3. A small case study about the follies of privatization at the IRS.
  4. Steve Gilliard wants to help unemployed Republican staffers.
  5. digby describes how movement conservatives hate anything to with government, even highly successful programs like the GI Bill.
  6. Kevin Drum debunks the importance of ‘religious‘ voters for the Democrats.
  7. Michele Goldberg argues that the Christopaths aren’t going away any time soon.
  8. Paul Rosenberg argues that liberalism is the true conservatism.
  9. Despite James Carville’s bloviating, Dean’s job as the DNC Chairman is still safe.
  10. Death to Neo-Liberalism! (or at least, an icky cold sore).
  11. Lots of people need to shut the fuck up: Bob Cesca has the list.
  12. Publius describes the difference between being pro-conservative and anti-Left, and what this means for the Democrats and conservatives.
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