The ‘Truth’ About Harold ‘Fancy’ Ford

In the Tennessee Senate race, the Republicans have been viciously playing the race card. They have been referring to Democrat Harold Ford as ‘Fancy’ Ford because he, a single black man, has dated…white women (note: ‘fancy’ is an old Southernism for, at best, a lothario, and, at worst, a pimp). Now, the Republicans (the NRCC) have run an ad where they point this out. Even the candidate is publicly protesting the ad (although he’s probably loving it in private).
So, this week, one of those helpless white female victims of Ford commented on l’affair du Fancy:

But all of this – this focus on the personal lives of politicians – is treacherous territory. Sure, it’s relevant if they’re possible-molesters or possible-rapists or even just shitty, cheating husbands (although most of them are the last, so perhaps we shouldn’t count that. It would be like saying ugly people couldn’t run for office – you’d have seven elected officials left.) For the vast majority of politicos, whom they date, which team they play for, whether they like blowjobs from interns or pages (okay, not pages) – it’s irrelevant!
Do I know if Ford would be a good Senator or not? Hell, your guess is as good as mine. But I’d hate to think that a Republican could gain some advantage because the Dem was a shitty date. I mean, c’mon. REALLY??
If the GOP has to resort to “But He Never Called Julia Back,” they’re even more fucked than Keith Olbermann (and I) would like to believe. I mean, can’t they at least allege that he stiffed me on dinner? Didn’t buy me jewelry? Refused to confirm the Wednesday before a Saturday night date? SOMETHING!?!? Damnit, where’s Rove when you need him??
That said, I appreciate that the NRSC cares about my emotional well-being. Thanks guys. Now, if you’d only care about my reproductive rights.

Heh. But caring about your reproductive rights would imply that you have the intelligence to make those decisions without the guidance of the Christopath wing of the Republican Party. And we can’t have that…
Update: Chris Matthews calls this ad what it is: racist.

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