This Picture Needs a Caption

(from Science 313:1384)
Have at it readers. And it doesn’t need to be tasteful…

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24 Responses to This Picture Needs a Caption

  1. Stogoe says:

    “After the dolphin assassins escaped custody during Hurricane Katrina, the Navy decided they needed something more sluggish but just as violent. Hence, cyborg elephant seal assassins.”

  2. RPM says:

    I knew the military was having trouble with recruiting, but these are the new Navy Seals?

  3. sam says:

    The US Military, mounting guns on anything that moves for over 200 years.

  4. Okay, on the count of three, I’ll light it, then we run!

  5. Scorpio says:

    Denny Hastert gets a makeover.

  6. Tree says:

    I think we’re going to need the 50 gallons of massage oil after all.

  7. Dave Carlson says:

    Tired of his high-profile status, TV-star Jimmy Smitts decides to retire to a quieter life, practicing veterinary medicine on marine mammals.

  8. Max Kaehn says:

    “They laughed at me… they said I was mad… but I’ll show them… with my robot seal!

  9. csrster says:

    “I know it ain’t pleasant but I really need you to keep your eyes on the job while you’re attaching the rectal implant.”

  10. Luke says:

    Our robot sand-droid should blend right in with the sand people of Tattooine.
    (But the winner is already the “OK, On the count of three,…”)

  11. Mustafa Mond, FCD says:

    “Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology…”

  12. Deepsix says:

    Elephant seals with freakin’ laser beams attached to their heads!

  13. michael schmidt says:

    “Damn, isn’t the one on my head enough?”

  14. Chuck says:

    O.K. it’s done, set the table

  15. markie says:

    “like my proboscis?”

  16. markie says:

    these guys are worse than gnats

  17. markie says:

    what? i’m chopped liver?

  18. markie says:

    beam me up Scottie

  19. markie says:

    the least you could do is feed me 10 kilos of crab

  20. markie says:

    where the hell is a bull when you need one?

  21. markie says:

    so tell me. do you think i have enough blubber?

  22. markie says:

    well that was a sloppy stick in the carotid. thanks alot

  23. markie says:

    look you stupid fooking humans, stop wasting your time on me and get your selfish asses in gear. you have already doomed 25% of the world’s biota, if not more. stop it you fools.

  24. iyg says:

    Scientists are currently putting the finishing touches to the first ever chef robot. The robot, named AFIKZX48K, is capable of cooking Sichuan, Shandong and Canton cuisines. Four years and over $2,500,000 was spent on developing the robot.

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