Scientific Breakthrough on Stem Cells…

…and the Christopaths want to kill it anyway. There is a method that could be used to harvest embryonic stem cells that does not harm development of the embryo:

The new technique would be performed on a two-day-old embryo, after the fertilized egg has divided into eight cells, known as blastomeres. In fertility clinics, where the embryo is available outside the woman in the normal course of in vitro fertilization, one of these blastomeres can be removed for diagnostic tests, like for Down syndrome.
The embryo, now with seven cells, can be implanted in the woman if no defect is found. Many such embryos have grown into apparently healthy babies over the 10 years or so the diagnostic tests have been used. …
“By growing the biopsied cell overnight,” he said, “the resulting cells could be used for both P.G.D. and the generation of stem cells without affecting the subsequent chances of having a child.”

And the Bushists still can’t handle it. From mahablog:

There’s no point trying to appease, reason, or compromise with the Fetus People. Say the words “embryonic stem cell” to them, and their warped little brains promptly go to work manufacturing new reasons why embryonic stem cells are bad. Unfortunately we’re all being held hostage by their ersatz “morality.”

This is going to be just like the HPV vaccine. Thousands of people will needlessly suffer or die*, and after much soul-searching the Christian Right will admit it’s a good idea. What a reprehensible political ideology.
*There are plans to use stem cells to treat juvenile diabetes (it’s already worked in dogs). While many scientific breakthroughs from stem cells will be either basic research or else years from now, there are more immediate consequences to this inaction.

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  1. Stogoe says:

    Aah! Run! It’s the Fetus People!

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