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Quote of the Day

From Paul Waldman’s book Being Right Is Not Enough–What Progressives Must Learn from Conservative Success
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Experts and the Middle East

From the old digs comes this post about how catastrophically wrong self-proclaimed ‘experts’ were on Iraq.
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I Think Chris Matthews Just Called the NeoCons Wimps

One of the implicit assumptions regarding Iraq and the whole militarization of U.S. society is that the bellicose neocons are manly, and those of us who opposed the Iraq War were wimpy or ‘girly’.
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I See Stupid People: The Larry Kudlow Edition

In a post over at Media Matters about the right-wing’s attempt to figure out if the Israeli-Hezbollah-Palestinian-My Uncle Morty conflict is World War III, IV, or V(?!), Larry Kudlow rises above the herd with this spectacular piece of ass-hattery:
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A Letter to a Conservative About Stem Cells

Stem cell research has always been a very personal issue for me: a close family relative is a type I diabetic (this is an autoimmune form of diabetes caused by the body’s destruction of the pancreatic cells that produce insulin, and is not related to diet).
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If Only All Criminals Were So Caring

From Boston’s Beacon Hill Times: A resident was robbed at knife-point by an unknown Caucasian male suspect at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11, near the corner of Hancock and Cambridge streets. The suspect demanded the victim’s wallet, according … Continue reading

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The Cult of ‘Christian’ Victimhood

I’ve always found it odd that Christian conservatives constantly claim victim status, particularly when so many of them, when it comes to foreign policy are so convinced that will can overcome anything.
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What Josh Says (About the Middle East)

Josh, at Thoughts from Kansas, has a superb explanation of why the blogospheric left has largely remained silent about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Matt Yglesias has been pondering why the left half of the blogosphere doesn’t write more about Israel. My … Continue reading

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Dobson: Cracked In the Head

At the old digs, I asked about Sen. George Allen of VA:

Can we please have presidential candidates who are not psychological basketcases? … Is it possible for the Republicans to nominate someone who is not cracked in the head? Please? Just in case.

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Cringe: The Presidential Groping Edition

President Bush groped the German Chancellor. What an idiot.

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