If Only All Criminals Were So Caring

From Boston’s Beacon Hill Times:

A resident was robbed at knife-point by an unknown Caucasian male suspect at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 11, near the corner of Hancock and Cambridge streets.
The suspect demanded the victim’s wallet, according to police reports. The victim said the suspect offered to pay her back if she told him where she worked. After she handed over her money he asked if she would be able to make ends meet, she said. He then said he was sorry to have to rob her, but that he was having a hard time right now.

He’s a better class of scumbag than these guys.

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1 Response to If Only All Criminals Were So Caring

  1. Oh, what a story! This guy must have taken lessons from the muggers who accosted me in the vesitbule of my Greenwich Village apartment house many years ago. I had just returned from grocery shopping and was laden with bags, probably making me an attractive target. But, as they learned when they demanded my wallet, it also meant that I had no cash on me apart from 52 cents. (and I carried nothing else of interest in the wallet)
    “Is this all you got?” one of them demanded. So I explained that I had just spent all my money and offered them my groceries. To which he replied:
    “Aw, we wouldn’t take your groceries from you.”

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