I See Stupid People: the Pro-Torture Evangelical Edition

So, an evangelical group has come out against the National Religious Campaign Against Torture because it’s focusing on Guantanamo, and not repressive regimes. There are several reasons why that’s an idiotic argument to oppose the NRCAT:

  1. Just because another country does more torture or more awful forms of torture does not excuse our behavior.
  2. If your country is engaged in torture, ultimately it’s your responsibility to stop it, particularly if you live in a democracy.
  3. Like most of the batshit loopy 23% percent, they do not actually state what should be done about Guantanamo–except to deny that it was not torture. Running away from an argument isn’t a solution.
  4. As someone who isn’t Christian, it seems to me that if perhaps the seminal moment of your religion is the brutal murder and crucifixion of Jesus, I would think you would be a little more concerned about any form of torture.

Nonetheless, dire consequences are predicted for those denominations that sign onto NCRAT:

“A growing number of evangelicals are ultimately repeating the same mistakes that mainline Protestant church leaders first started making 50, 60, 70 years ago,” he states. As a result, says Tooley, those denominations suffered deep theological divisions and great declines in membership.

Hmmm, what mistakes would those be? Opposing segregation and Jim Crow? Trying to reconcile religion and material reality? Actually worrying about the poor and dispossessed in a meaningful way?

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2 Responses to I See Stupid People: the Pro-Torture Evangelical Edition

  1. Because maybe we’re supposed to tbe the Good guys?

  2. Barry says:

    Mike, what group came out against this?
    Rev. BigDumbChimp, some of these guys figure that ‘we’ are the ‘good guys’, so we’re free to do whatever we want.

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