A Bit More About Infrastructure

According to WWLTV (CBS New Orleans):

8:04 P.M. – Mayor Nagin: Unhappy that the helicopters slated to drop 3,000-pound bags into the levee never showed up to stop the flow of water. Too many chiefs calling shots he says.

I recently described how tenuous our public health infrastructure is (and that’s going to be important very soon, unfortunately). Stirling Newberry describes a similar situation for our disaster management infrastructure.

Here’s the thing: I don’t know if Newberry is right. I don’t want to believe he’s right. I need to believe he’s wrong. To paraphrase Jon Stewart, I need to believe that our government is working the problem the best it can. I’ve spent time in New Orleans (not the stereotypical four day drinking haze). It’s a great city. It’s not another goddamn strip mall, but instead an incredibly human place–with all that that humanity entails. I can’t imagine an America without it. Please, please, El Supremo, get your stuff together.

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