Evolution as a Wedge?

It appears that cultural conservatives are trying to get intelligent design into biology curricula. I think this presents us with an opportunity to take the cultural conservatives down a notch, if we do this right.

Compare evolution to abortion. With abortion, one either believes it’s murder or that it isn’t (I realize that are shades of grey here). The point is that there isn’t much ‘evidence’ to marshall for or against abortion: this is primarily an issue of belief regarding ‘what is life.’

Evolution, on the other hand, has an incredible amount of evidence supporting it, including nuclear physics (argon dating) and geology (stratigraphy). While the true believers most likely will not change their minds, those on the fence might do so-it also gives us an opportunity to rally the “reality-based” base.

We have to remember that most people ‘belive in’ dinosaurs, and that they have gone extinct (although a fair number are fuzzy about when this happened). Besides, it would be fun watching Bush et al. try to squirm out of this one…

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