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Grim Prognosis

Observed in an undisclosed location:

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Things Fall Off I Suppose

Observed on 16th Street, near the corner of S:

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Yes, Kids Outgrow Naps: The Mad Biologist Edition

This article about daytime naps and if small kids should be made to take them reminds me of something I once did. When I was a very, very wee Mad Biologist, the doctor told me parents to make me take … Continue reading

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This Man Needs a Pork Pie Hat

It seems Harry Reid is going with a new look: (Ok, he’s really wearing the glasses because he’s had an eye injury). I think the next time Reid holds a press conference, the entire Democratic delegation should wear shades. Just … Continue reading

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Capybara Zen

Strangely, I find this video very calming:

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So, John Oliver, About That MRAP in Keene, NH…

While we await prominent white leaders to disavow and apologize for the #pumpkinfest riot, it’s worth remembering that this is just one more instance of degenerate ‘suburban‘ culture. Meanwhile, a regular reader reminds us of John Oliver’s wondering why Keene, … Continue reading

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So This Is What’s For Dinner?

Observed at Pizzeria Da Macro in Bethesda–it’s the first item under “Antipasti” at the top of the menu: Arguably, it’s not the most appetizing presentation…

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