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Sometimes, You Need to Reconsider Your Organization’s Acronym

There’s an anti-circumcision group that is in the news, probably because they chose Bill Gates as a target (the Gates Foundation has promoted circumcision as a way to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS). Essentially, Gates is the devil because circumcision. … Continue reading

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Space and Language

In some recent conversations with biotech and venture capital people, I’ve noticed that they like to use the word space–it seems to be quite the fashionable word. Here’s a sample usage: Mike the Mad Biologist is in the ‘calling people … Continue reading

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Olympian Toilet Use

Because Atrios already used “In Sochi, toilets flush you.” By now, you’ve probably seen pictures of the ‘his and her’ toilets at the Sochi Olympics. But this is the weirdest thing (other than the very dangerous face water): I’m not … Continue reading

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How Is This Even a Thing?

There are a lot of weird Guinness World’s Records, but I don’t even know how someone came up with this category: John and Amy Bruney became the new champs Thursday in the category of one person skipping rope on a … Continue reading

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Purloined Produce on Pinckney Street

Beacon Hill’s Pinckney Street is quite the eventful place. First, there’s some passive-aggressive conflict over poop collection. Now, we have purloined gourds: Don’t mess with the decorative gourds, motherfuckers. For those of you who need to get your gourd on … Continue reading

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Forget Carl Sagan, Give Me Marlin Perkins

Among the science writer fraternity, there was a minor fracas over Carl Sagan as Supreme Science Communicator. Erin Podolak argued that Carl Sagan isn’t really relevant anymore: I’m not saying I don’t like Sagan – I’m saying Sagan has zero … Continue reading

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If Science Doesn’t Work Out…

I’ve been reading a lot of good, albeit somewhat depressing, posts about careers in science. I’m trying to string them together into something coherent. In the meantime, I have discovered, by way of the Twittarz, an alternative career path:

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Patrick Says Hi

Or maybe someone is saying hi to Patrick: (observed on Broadway, Kendall Square, Cambridge)

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Oh Boy

So this is a thing that is happening: “The Package.” No, really. “The Package.” Discuss.

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Someone Went Into Battle With Only One Boot On…

…and I think I found the other boot: (by the Capitol Reflecting Pool, Washington D.C.) I can understand finding a small child’s shoe: they instinctively find ways to lose footwear. But this was a size 11 boot.

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