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Remember When I Wrote That Some Antibiotic Resistance Is Annoying But Not Catastrophic?

Well, I also mentioned that sometimes antibiotic resistance is catastrophic. By way of Scary Disease Woman (aka ‘Maryn McKenna’), here ya go (boldface mine): To investigate the antibacterial resistance to doripenem in China and to understand the distribution trends of … Continue reading

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“Smartness” and the Geithner Conundrum

You might think that the word “smartness” would imply that the person possessing smartness is very bright and has used that intelligence and knowledge to successfully solve problems. But, as David Kaib notes, among our supposed betters, smartness means something … Continue reading

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Job Creation, 21st Century Style

I suppose someone did get paid to do this: It’s 2014, but it feels like fin de siècle.

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A Quick Thought About Ukraine

By the time this post spools out, events might have overtaken it, but, as of Friday night, the intertoobz are all atwitter about Russia moving troops to Russian-leased bases in Ukraine, including Sevastopol. For all I know, Russia plans on … Continue reading

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In My NIH Funding World, R01 Grants Are Getting Crushed

While funding might seem like a boring part of science, remember that all the cool stuff that gets mangled in the popular press you read about online and so on costs money. When there’s less money, there’s a good chance … Continue reading

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Strain Mixups and Retractions

Back when I was a younger Mad Biologist, I received dozens of bacterial strains from a Very Prestigious Lab that were supposed to belong to species A and B. Very Prestigious Lab had published several papers on these strains, and … Continue reading

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House GOP, You’re Drunk–And That’s Neither Hyperbole Nor A Joke

We noticed this from an interview with Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson (boldface mine): In a Tuesday interview, Rep. Alan Grayson charged that Republican House members have been literally intoxicated while casting votes on the continuing resolutions that set the stage … Continue reading

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