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This Is One Reason Why Democrats Lose Elections

Especially during the off-year elections. Miami-Dade County in Florida, in response to a question about the acccesibility of bathrooms for the disabled who are waiting in line to vote (Miami-Dade has had long waiting lines), decided to do this: Earlier … Continue reading

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Boston’s Mayoral Election: A City Divided and How To Increase Turnout

First, we have a city divided: (from here) There is a racial component to this: most commentators underestimate how the strong union-bashing and assault on regular public schools played–Connolly’s opposition to the new school assignment plan was not well received … Continue reading

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An Important Election Most People Didn’t Pay Attention To Last Night

While much of the nation (or the small percentage that actually gives a shit about who governs us) focused on the victory of corporate scuzball Terry McAuliffe over batshitloonitarian theocrat Tom Cuccinelli, the results of Boston’s mayoral race are also … Continue reading

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Bostonians, Go Vote!

Boston Public Library, Copley Square Branch Still plenty of time to cast your vote. If you don’t know where your precinct is, check here. As you might guess, I have some thoughts on the subject.

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Endorsements for Tommorow’s Election in Boston

And as always, I realize these endorsements, at best, affect my vote. Anyway, tomorrow Bostonians will elect a new mayor–the first in twenty years–and many new councilmen. Here are my endorsements: Martin Walsh for Mayor: This is primarily a vote … Continue reading

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My Tenative Boston Mayoral Endorsement

Which, as is the case with all of my political endorsements, probably only influences my vote (and I’ve been known to change my mind). For those who don’t know, Boston is having a mayoral primary tomorrow to winnow the field … Continue reading

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Mayoral Candidate Forum on Transportation and Livable Communities Tonight

If you’re a Boston voter, you might want to think about attending tonight’s mayoral candidate forum on transportation and livable communities at the Boston Public Library. Granted, livable is an awful word, but it still should be interesting. Here’s the … Continue reading

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