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One Small Cost of the Shutdown: The Arbovirus Edition

Well, it’s probably not small to this scientist, and possibly for the rest of us: We don’t have any federal grants, but I am a scientist with a small vaccine R&D start up. We were slated to have a meeting … Continue reading

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WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS! Norovirus and Food Handling

Because I haven’t beaten that drum in a while. Carl Zimmer, drawing on this CDC report, gives us several tips on how to lessen your chances of getting norovirus (aka winter vomiting disease–trust me, it’s as fun as it sounds): … Continue reading

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How Not to Isolate E. coli

If you’re interested in studying what ‘real’ bacteria do–that is, not the microbiological equivalent of anemic inbred lab rats–you have to isolate them from natural samples. Yogi Berra-esque statements notwithstanding, how you isolate bacteria is critical. Methodological details do matter. … Continue reading

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Wash Your Damn Hands: The SARS Outbreak Edition

There’s an interesting interview with virologist Ian Lipkin which, in part, discusses his experience an advisor to the Chinese government (boldface mine): What happened when you arrived?
 Chen Zhu, now China’s minister of health, was waiting at the airport with … Continue reading

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The Reality of a Serious HPV Infection

Usually, I would put something like this in a list of links, but it’s too important not to call attention to it. Stephanie Zvan in “And Then You Wait“: Nothing about this appointment has been good news. Much of it … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding Poop and Sewage

Well, sewage to be more precise. One of the harmful, but often unmentioned consequences of flooding is that our sewage systems, often decades old, are completely overwhelmed. This exposes people to sewage: Flooding appears to be the worst problem left … Continue reading

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Are Shiga-Toxin Phages E. coli Diseases? (File Under Speculative Hypotheses)

Or maybe wild-ass speculation.
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Lula in the Laboratory: How a Phage Has Contaminated Many E. coli Lab Strains

“Hi, my name is Lula. I’ll be your laboratory contaminant.”
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Nonoptimality in Viral Evolution and Economics

Assuming optimality isn’t a bad thing as a theoretical exercise. But when you’re either trying to predict the likelihood that something specific will happen or explain why something did happen, assumptions are very important.
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What the 1,000 Foot Ban Means for Needle Exchange

What a de facto ban on federal funding for needle exchanges means.
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