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D.C. Makes Some Good Parking Policy

Since I highlight the myriad and diverse ways in which the local D.C. government screws things up, I should be fair and note when it does something right: Currently, developers constructing new residential buildings in DC must build a certain … Continue reading

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Suburban Sustainability: The Rockford Files Edition

And I mean Rockford, IL (boldface mine): Rockford is located about 85 miles west of Chicago, was chartered in 1852, and currently has a population of about 150,000. An industrial giant in its heyday, Rockford faces the challenge of reinventing … Continue reading

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What Is the Commons of the Suburb?

While topically, this article from December about the Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis is obviously dated, it indirectly raises an important point about public commons (boldface mine): Judge Karen Janisch granted the order as it pertained to three named … Continue reading

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Deferred in the ‘Burbs

There is a the long-term–and completely undiscussed–problem U.S. suburbs face: Something that’s lurking in the background of the U.S. economy, and which will erupt with a fury in ten years or so is the need to replace suburban infrastructure: underground … Continue reading

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With So Many Rural States, It’s Time For An Urban One

In a post primarily focused on just how crazy the U.S. Senate is designed, Dylan Matthews notes the following (boldface mine): In the case of Reynolds v. Sims in 1964, the Supreme Court ruled that all state legislature districts have … Continue reading

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When Police Set Policy: The Jaywalking Edition

By way of Commandante Atrios, we come across this LA Times article about zealous jaywalking enforcement in the City of Angels (boldface mine): Hundreds of readers responded to my column about 22-year-old Glendale Community College student-athlete Eduardo Lopez, who was … Continue reading

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Vincent Orange: Councilman For the District Past

At-large D.C. councilmember Vincent Orange has proposed legislation trying to freeze the District in place (boldface mine): …he circulated “emergency” legislation called the Prohibition on Single Family Dwelling Conversions Emergency Amendment Act. This would forbid any building permit “to increase … Continue reading

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