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Joel Kotkin Wants to Turn Your City Into a Suburb

I kid, though if you read his recent missive, I might not be so off target: What is a city for? It’s a crucial question, but one rarely asked by the pundits and developers who dominate the debate over the … Continue reading

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Nobody Likes the Burbs

Don’t tell Joel Kotkin! Last week, Pew Research Center released a report about U.S. attitudes towards, well, everything. One of the widely discussed findings is that liberals would like to live in cities, while conservatives like small towns and the … Continue reading

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Snow, Sidewalks, and Liens

Chalk this up as one thing Boston does right*. On the urban planning blogs (and others who care about such things), there’s discussion about the next to shovel sidewalks in urban areas. Writes Commandante Atrios: Not that I support it, … Continue reading

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When the ‘Problem’ Becomes the Solution

Michael Powell, in the New York Times, observes that much of the reduction in crime should be credited to residents: “Miracle” is an appropriate word for the fact that nearly 1,800 fewer New Yorkers might be murdered this year than … Continue reading

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The Too-Smart City (Probably) Won’t Be a Problem. The Too-Privatized City Would Be

Recently, The Boston Globe had an interesting article about the rise of the ‘smart city.’ What’s a smart city? This: Cassandras’s scheme is just one step in the march toward what futurists and urban planners call the “smart city”—a wired, … Continue reading

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There Was a Time People Thought Interstates Through the Middle of Cities Were a Good Thing

Admittedly, that time was 1954: From Inventing the Charles River by Karl Haglund I know a lot of people think the Big Dig was a bad idea, but I see it as a ‘clawback’ for decades of intentional destruction of … Continue reading

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Density and Democratic Voters: A Correlation Meets a Possible Cause

I’ve never been a big fan of Richard Florida’s work on the ‘creative class’, since I think it underestimates the importance of money in the revitalization of our cities (that is, rent extraction and federal spending have shoveled lots of … Continue reading

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