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When Police Set Policy: The Jaywalking Edition

By way of Commandante Atrios, we come across this LA Times article about zealous jaywalking enforcement in the City of Angels (boldface mine): Hundreds of readers responded to my column about 22-year-old Glendale Community College student-athlete Eduardo Lopez, who was … Continue reading

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Vincent Orange: Councilman For the District Past

At-large D.C. councilmember Vincent Orange has proposed legislation trying to freeze the District in place (boldface mine): …he circulated “emergency” legislation called the Prohibition on Single Family Dwelling Conversions Emergency Amendment Act. This would forbid any building permit “to increase … Continue reading

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More on Our Decaying Suburban Hellholes and De Facto Racism

Or why we need Social Justice Zoning Commissions. While I’ve mentioned this before, it’s worth noting again that our suburbs are fundamentally unstable–if they do not change, they will become poorer and poorer (boldface mine): …the default setting of the … Continue reading

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The Aging–and Unsustainable–Suburbs

A while ago, I noted this about Fairfax County, VA (boldface added): When I look back at the Northern Virginian county in which I grew up–and which, at that time and still today, is one of the wealthiest counties in … Continue reading

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How to Write a Confusing Science Story: Mix Up the Colloquial and the Technical

If you’re aware at all of the perfidy that is creationism, one of their favorite sayings–even though it’s demonstrably ignorant–is “evolution is just a theory.” As numerous biologists and other defenders of science have explained, theory in the scientific world … Continue reading

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The Suburban Ponzi Scheme and Ferguson, MO

Charles Morahn makes a very interesting observation about Ferguson, MO (boldface mine): I’ve spent some time on Google looking at the area where the shooting took place and the QuikTrip that was the flashpoint for events that followed. While this … Continue reading

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Joel Kotkin Wants to Turn Your City Into a Suburb

I kid, though if you read his recent missive, I might not be so off target: What is a city for? It’s a crucial question, but one rarely asked by the pundits and developers who dominate the debate over the … Continue reading

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