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It Is Not For Economists To Decide If Unions Are Bad

Image by Bettmann/CORBIS Evan Soltas writes (boldface mine): So there are two ideas here, the potential and the uniqueness of unions. Wasser says unions still have potential and that labor’s gains from unionization are unique. I disagree on both. I … Continue reading

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“Now is the time to make an adequate income a reality for all of God’s children”: The Need to Politicize MLK Day

(from here) Consider the above picture when thinking about increasing the minimum wage. Or a living wage. Or treating workers as people. Never forget that King was murdered in Memphis while he was supporting striking sanitation workers. Forty-five years after … Continue reading

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Solidarity and Merit Pay: The Lee, MA Schools Edition

This is a fascinating letter by school teachers in Lee, MA, who decided that they would donate all of the merit pay they would have received from a private foundation to their school (boldface mine): The $8,700 that the Lee … Continue reading

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Charters, Tenure, and Hungry Kids

So it appears a principal at a charter school was fired because she didn’t want to humiliate low-income children who needed food: Former Peak to Peak elementary principal Noelle Roni said Sunday she was fired by the Lafayette charter school … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Divide Within the Democratic Party

Unlike many in punditocracy, I am far less sanguine about the Democrats’ prospects in 2016. Why? Because, as Michael Lind notes, there is a fundamental, unresolved divide in the Democratic Party (boldface mine): Unlike the Roosevelt Democrats of the New … Continue reading

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An Important Election Most People Didn’t Pay Attention To Last Night

While much of the nation (or the small percentage that actually gives a shit about who governs us) focused on the victory of corporate scuzball Terry McAuliffe over batshitloonitarian theocrat Tom Cuccinelli, the results of Boston’s mayoral race are also … Continue reading

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One Reason Why Unions Haven’t Been Effective: Follow the Money

Gregg Shotwell, labor organizer, when asked why union leaders are so compliant to corporate demands (boldface mine): Because they are getting paid by the company. The Big Three (GM, Ford, Chrysler) set up separate tax-exempt nonprofit corporations which are managed … Continue reading

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Your Grandfathers’ Young Republicans

Can you even imagine today’s Republicans, of any age, putting this together? You’ve come a long way, baby?

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Meet the New Scab, Definitely Not Like the Old Scab

You know the economy is doing poorly when top college graduates, who used to coordinate corporate strike breaking activities (barging through picket lines is for the little people), are now serving as surplus labor used to bust unions. From Chicago … Continue reading

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The Anti-Poverty Institution That Shall Not Be Named

Before we get to that, it’s worth noting that just as I don’t think children should be held accountable for their parents, parents aren’t responsible for the opinions of their grown children. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Peter Edelman … Continue reading

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