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Links 4/20/14

Links for you. Science: Bend It, Charge It, Dunk It: Graphene, the Material of Tomorrow Last Supper: Centipede Dies Eating Way Out of Snake Belly Researchers describe 4 new species of ‘killer sponges’ from the deep sea Awesome Jobs: Meet … Continue reading

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Putting the Bundy Ranch Dispute in Context

A slightly different perspective on whose rights are being violated during the whole Bundy Ranch dispute: Cliven Bundy’s family worked their ranch land since 1877. The family claims ancestral and sovereign rights. On Monday, the I-Team received a map from … Continue reading

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The Cost of Security Theater: When You Look At Everything…

…you see nothing (boldface mine): The next day, Tsarnaev was entered a second time into the TECS system, with some dire warnings. But this time, the name was misspelled, with an extra y: “Tsarnayev,” a detail that was made public … Continue reading

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Inequality Is a Symptom, Not the Disease

Or diseases, plural. Lane Kenworthy notes that the data are mixed when it comes to the effect of inequality: The evidence supports a number of the most prominent hypotheses only weakly or not at all. As best I can tell … Continue reading

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Links 3/28/14

Links for you. Science: JGI Aims to Move Beyond Sequencing, Become ‘Cutting Edge’ Genomics Facility Nothing more obnoxious than a physicist first encountering a new subject (perhaps economists too…) Homeopathy Company Recalls Products Because They Might Contain Antibiotics The Mosquito … Continue reading

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Why Economics Is Too Important to Be Left to the Economists: The Glaeser-Minimum Wage Edition

In the Boston Globe, Edward Glaeser writes this about wage subsidies (boldface mine): Still, the larger concern about raising the minimum wage is an ethical one. Every American ought to share in the cost of reducing income inequality. A higher … Continue reading

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‘Random’ Assignment to MA Charter Schools?

Maybe not so much (boldface mine): By law, charter schools are public and are required to be open to all students. However, the low-income population at Sturgis and Lighthouse is a fraction of that in our district schools. Neither charter … Continue reading

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Links 3/20/14

Links for you. Science: Voracious Worm Evolves to Eat Biotech Corn Engineered to Kill It The Real Issue That Vaccine Truthers Like Jenny McCarthy Should Be Focusing On Just a reminder, there are more eukaryotes than just metazoans The Foolish … Continue reading

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Putting Wall Street Bonuses in Context

This chart has been making the rounds: To put this in perspective, the NIH budget in 2014 is $29.9. Let’s talk about jobs: Keep in mind this is bonus money–the Wall Streeters receiving the bonuses already have jobs, this is … Continue reading

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Nobody Knows What the Common Core Is

Something Common Core opponents need to recognize is that people like the concept of uniform national standards (as does the Mad Biologist): Opposing national standards per se is doomed to fail, especially in an era where families have to move … Continue reading

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