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10th & G At Night

Observed in Downtown D.C. (and here’s the daytime version):

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Links 9/12/14

Links for you. Science: Why Elise Andrew is an exceptional self-made brand (read the comments on this one; the post is garbage) Back To School: Your Letter to you Child’s Life Science Teacher More deadly pathogens, toxins found improperly stored … Continue reading

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Links 8/14/14

Links for you. Science: Apparently, Giant Anteaters Can Kill People (four inch claws are bad for the complexion) Scientists turn a brown butterfly purple—in just six generations: Structural and pigment changes combine to turn brown into purple. Why We Can’t … Continue reading

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Raging, Raging Against the Dying of the Right

Yes, they are not like the rest of us (boldface mine): Let me break it to the Republicans of Alabama, Mississippi and the like: your culture and your worldview aren’t the majority culture and worldview in America. They aren’t even … Continue reading

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Because Todd Akin and the Other Republicants Know Best

One woman’s reason for having an abortion in Mississippi’s sole clinic that provides abortions (boldface mine): As she answers, her voice begins to shake: “Um, my husband passed away—he committed suicide. He committed suicide in front of his family. I … Continue reading

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“Defining the Possible Down”: The Rise of the Republicant

No, that’s not a typo. Athenae angrily expresses what has been rattling around in my noggin since 2009–while she’s referring to the Texas border crisis, it applies to, well, everything (boldface mine): …the people out there who claim they love … Continue reading

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Links 7/24/14

Links for you. Science: You’re not allowed bioinformatics anymore (must-read; accessible to non-specialists) Hell yes: Komodo dragons!!! Great Barrier Reef ‘in worst state since records began': Scientists say reef will be ‘pretty ugly’ within 40 years, with large swathes of … Continue reading

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