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Trains Versus Cars: The Costs Favor Trains

By way of Greater Greater Washington, we come across this post which argues that expanding the Metro system would be cheaper than expanding I-66, a major part of the DC area interstate system: In Arlington for instance, going to eight-car … Continue reading

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Another Undah?

A while ago, I posted a photo of the last vestiges of the old T, the Scollay Under sign in the corner of the Blue Line platform at Park Street (now closed for construction). During the repairs, two other Under … Continue reading

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Waiting in the Rain

Observed at the Museum of Fine Arts stop, Boston:

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Information About the Government Center T Closing (and Public Meetings)

(if you have no idea what the hell this is, go here) For those Bostonians who use the Government Center Green/Blue Line station, there’s a public hearing at Park Plaza, 6pm, March 13. It needs to be done, but I … Continue reading

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More Southern Governance Failure

Unlike a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta, at least North Carolina cancelled schools before the snow hit. But the entire state, in terms of traffic, is still a ginormous clusterfuck. Here’s what I don’t understand: Snow is paralyzing North … Continue reading

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What Could Sink Über

It’s fascinating to watch an entire generation which has been taught that regulation is a dirty word collide with reality. By reality, of course, I mean the online car service, Über. Here, from the Twitterz, is the thing that could … Continue reading

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More on the Culture War on Wheels

We are definitely ahead of the curve (pun intended) on bicycles as the next front in the Conservative War on Most Americans, aka ‘the culture wars’. From The Boston Globe (boldface mine): Particularly in America, the bicycle is emerging as … Continue reading

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The Death of Contracts: the Florida Gator Edition

A while ago, I argued that many people are forced to sign nonnegotiable contracts for services they can’t do without: When you sign the terms of agreement for an internet provider, credit card company, or many other businesses, you are … Continue reading

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Assuming the Crash Position

Observed on the Boston-D.C. Shuttle:

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Back Bay’s Solar Scooter

Observed on Commonwealth Ave., Back Bay, Boston: As best as I can tell, this thing has an engine (it’s not foot-powered), and it’s solar powered. If so, that means it doesn’t smell like a lawnmower (i.e., fumes) when it goes … Continue reading

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