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“Rider Frustrations”: People Have to Like This Crap

D.C.’s Metro system has a problem–costs are going up while ridership has leveled off (boldface mine): The problem may be summarized in simple terms: Metro’s operating expenses are increasing while its revenues are not, largely the result of declining rail … Continue reading

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Why One Should Always Build Mass Transit When Offered: Georgetown, D.C.

One of the bizarre things about D.C. (not Wor-Shing-Tun, but the District) is that Georgetown, is pretty isolated from the rest of the city even though it’s pretty high density and has lots of nice old (by U.S. standards) architecture. … Continue reading

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Coming and Going

Observed at the Dupont Circle Metro Station, D.C.:

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Of Course, There Is Another Way to Lower Pedestrian-Vehicle Collisions

Like Commandante Atrios, I don’t play around with my cell phone when I’m a pedestrian, especially in D.C. (which is far more dangerous for pedestrians compared to Boston. Really). But this approach to solve the problem seems doomed to failure … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know If This Scales, But It’s Worth Trying

I’ve written before about the foolishness of viewing pedestrian-vehicle collisions as moral failings and not as structural and design problems. Anyway, with that prelude, we give you the bestest crosswalk light EVAH!

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Make Those Who Govern the Metro Ride the Metro

Over the last week, as I was dealing with DC’s creaking Metro rail system (aka ‘the Metro’), I thought to myself, “I wonder how many of the fuckers charged with the Metro’s oversight actually use it?” Related to that scintillating … Continue reading

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What Is Disrupting the Taxi Industry?

I’ve never quite understood the hype around Über and Lyft. It always struck me as a taxi service with a real good smartphone front-end. Apparently, I’m not the only one (boldface mine): So the lesson—as true with car services as … Continue reading

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