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Instead of Expanding Metro’s Reach, How About Increasing the Frequency of Trains?

I get that two of the three jurisdictions that ‘govern’ WMATA (commonly called ‘Metro’) are suburban, which leads to Metro being a glorified commuter rail as opposed to a mass transit system. But instead of expanding it even further into … Continue reading

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A Sign of Failure (Why WMATA’s Failure Matters)

Admittedly, an annoyance on D.C.’s Metro (the mass transit system) isn’t something to man the ramparts over, but there is a reason, beyond the craptacular ‘service’, why I write about Metro’s ongoing failures. But I’m getting ahead of myself. A … Continue reading

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We Write Letters

A few weeks ago, the New York Times was trawling for comments about the D.C. Metro. Yours truly put together a letter. Since it seems nothing came of their (actually, submitters’) efforts, I’ve reprinted the letter here. Kinda tame by … Continue reading

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Cognitively Trapped By Cars

Consider the following statistic: As a planning and transportation geek, I understand that each year, in the United States, about 35,000 people are killed in plane crashes and about 2,000,000 are injured. I’ve known those numbers for years and relayed … Continue reading

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The Ripple Effects of Mass Transit

One of the thing many drivers don’t seem to realize about mass transit is that it removes traffic from their commutes. That’s not conjecture: our infrastructure sucks so much, there are often major problems, which function as ‘natural experiments.’ Thursday … Continue reading

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Solving the Urban Housing Crisis Requires a Suburban Solution

One of the many annoyances when urban policy is discussed is the conflation of cities with metropolitan areas. Sometimes, commentators will mean the city sensu stricto, while, at other times, city actually means metropolitan area (Richard Florida does this far … Continue reading

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WMATA Board Officials: Stupid and Evil

For those who don’t get the “stupid or evil” reference, there is a tradition, more often on the left, of trying to understand if someone is espousing a certain policy because he is stupid or is evil. Well, in the … Continue reading

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