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Free-Range Kids and An Anecdote

A while ago, Lance Mannion and I had a bit of an exchange about overly restrictive parents who freak out if a ten year old is walking around by himself. I argued that we’ve become far too restrictive. Anyway, a … Continue reading

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Snow Shoveling and Governance in D.C.

Having suffered through my fair share of Boston Snowmaggedons (thankfully, I’m missing this year’s), to complain about D.C.’s response (or lack thereof) to its recent snow event is almost ridiculous. We’re talking about three inches on Saturday, followed by above-freezing … Continue reading

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Shortchanging Mass Transit Is Short-Sighted–For Drivers

One, of many, idiotic features of most U.S. transportation policy discussions is the pitting of car drivers against mass transit users. It’s stupid, since driving in most metropolitan areas would be awful were mass transit not taking drivers off the … Continue reading

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Mass Transit: You Get What You (Don’t) Pay For

From afar, it appears that Boston’s MBTA is not handling the incessant snow very well (boldface mine): Details will be sorted out over time, but initial reports suggest more than a third of Red Line and Orange Line trains disabled; … Continue reading

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More Hidden Costs of Parking

I’ve written about the hidden costs of parking before (long before the cool kids were doing it!). But we can also think of parking as an invisible sales tax (boldface mine): Whether you drive or not, you are paying a … Continue reading

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Possible Fare Hikes on the D.C. Metro

Though given the alternative of even worse service on the weekends and evenings, I’m willing to pay around $4 per month more if there’s no alternative* (boldface mine): Among the changes under consideration is a 10-cent hike in Metrorail and … Continue reading

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Learned Political Helplessness

Ed at Gin and Tacos makes an excellent point, while describing some recent airline travel woes, about the crapification of, well, everything (boldface mine): It occurred to me just how much of this kind of satisficing we are bombarded with … Continue reading

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