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Possible Fare Hikes on the D.C. Metro

Though given the alternative of even worse service on the weekends and evenings, I’m willing to pay around $4 per month more if there’s no alternative* (boldface mine): Among the changes under consideration is a 10-cent hike in Metrorail and … Continue reading

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Learned Political Helplessness

Ed at Gin and Tacos makes an excellent point, while describing some recent airline travel woes, about the crapification of, well, everything (boldface mine): It occurred to me just how much of this kind of satisficing we are bombarded with … Continue reading

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Traffic Safety Is Primarily an Engineering Problem

When the D.C. division of the ongoing driver-cyclist culture wars flared up a while ago, I remarked that traffic ‘accidents’* aren’t a cultural problem, but a systemic one: But this isn’t a ‘cultural’ problem, it’s systemic. If we wait for … Continue reading

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What Some Call Inefficiency, Others Call a Living Wage

Many tech companies are really only ‘TCNO’ companies (‘tech companies in name only’)–the technology exists to lower directly or indirectly lower wages while hoovering up all the profits for the bosses. Same as it ever was. In this article about … Continue reading

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The New Metro Car Seats Look Dreadful

And I’m not talking about the aesthetics. One of the reasons I’ve never bought IKEA furniture, even though for much of my life that’s all I could afford is that their chairs are incredibly uncomfortable*. They all have this ‘swayback … Continue reading

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It’s An Absolute Mystery Why DC Metro’s Ridership Has Shrunk

I’ve discussed this before, but the stalling out (and even slight decrease) in the D.C. Metro’s ridership really isn’t a mystery–even though it occurs at a time where the overwhelming majority of new households in D.C. don’t own a car. … Continue reading

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A Hidden Cost of Failing to Fund Mass Transit

Funding for mass transit is always recognized as a cost, as in ‘building that new subway line will cost $X million.’ But what’s typically neglected is the cost if you don’t build mass transit (boldface mine): If [Maryland Republican] Governor-elect … Continue reading

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