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WMATA Board Officials: Stupid and Evil

For those who don’t get the “stupid or evil” reference, there is a tradition, more often on the left, of trying to understand if someone is espousing a certain policy because he is stupid or is evil. Well, in the … Continue reading

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We’ll See If WMATA Can Deliver

For the past few weeks, the Dupont Circle Metro station has had no cooling ventilation at all (it broke. Surprising,I know). It’s hotter than hell down there, and it’s cooler outside the station than in it. Rather than succumbing to … Continue reading

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When Campbell’s Law Collides With Air Traffic

SEE WHAT I DID THERE? For those who don’t know what Campbell’s Law is: “The more any quantitative social indicator (or even some qualitative indicator) is used for social decision-making, the more subject it will be to corruption pressures and … Continue reading

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Block Off All the Roads to Maryland. Do It Now

This will not help reduce traffic problems in D.C. (boldface mine): On Tuesday, the MVA announced that parallel parking is no longer part of the driver’s license test in Maryland. Officials said other parts of the test — the two-point … Continue reading

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An Uncomfortable Factoid About the Nash Deaths

Saturday, mathematician John Nash and his wife Alicia were killed while taking a taxi. Depressingly, a little under one percent of U.S.-ians will be killed while driving or as passengers in motor vehicles. Think about how many people you know … Continue reading

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When Palinism Collides With Infrastructure

I suppose collides isn’t the best choice of words. Anyway, Adam Gopnik has an excellent piece in the New Yorker that points out what drives much of the opposition to mass transit infrastructure, including trains (boldface mine): “The reason we … Continue reading

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When Misunderstanding Money Kills

Regarding the horrific train crash in New Jersey, the NY Times reports (boldface mine): Amtrak has installed the technology, known as positive train control, on parts of its rail network in the Northeast Corridor. But the technology, designed to automatically … Continue reading

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