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The Difference Between Middlemen and A Real New Economy

One thing about the new economy is that many of these supposedly new jobs are pretty much the same old ones: When I look at the jobs most of the people who left [Amazon] had, these don’t appear to be … Continue reading

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My Problem With Federal Oversight of the DC Metro

It solves the wrong problem. While the death of a rider in D.C.’s Metro during a tunnel fire received national attention, safety isn’t the biggest problem: it’s the crappy service and reliability. Unfortunately, the Federal Transportation Administration has essentially taken … Continue reading

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The Metro Board Picks the Wrong Manager

Earlier this year, when speculation arose that the Board of Directors, august solons that they are, was looking for a cost-cutter, not someone who, I dunno, knows how to run a fucking train, I noted that riders really don’t want … Continue reading

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Overnight Deliveries Are A Stupid Way to Reduce Traffic Congestion

So, of course, the District Department of Transportation (‘DDOT’) supports it (boldface mine): Now federal transportation officials are looking for a solution to get the delivery trucks blamed for clogging the roads off the streets during the busiest hours of … Continue reading

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Can A Metro Board Member Be Impeached?

One thing to keep in mind about the non-stop clusterfuck known as the DC Metro transportation system is that this decay, by definition, didn’t happen overnight: it was years in the making (and this affects people outside the D.C. metro … Continue reading

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How To Survive the DC Metro

While this was written for the Pope’s visit, since the fall ‘marching season’ will be upon us shortly in D.C., this might be useful to visitors: So we figured this is a good time to gather some Metro-related tips for … Continue reading

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With Stellar Analysis Like This, No Wonder WMATA Is Screwed Up

WMATA has hypotheses about why ridership is below projections: “This ridership drop-off is due to a range of factors, including the reduction in the federal transit benefit as well as reduced overall employment growth and economic growth in the Washington … Continue reading

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