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I Don’t Know If This Scales, But It’s Worth Trying

I’ve written before about the foolishness of viewing pedestrian-vehicle collisions as moral failings and not as structural and design problems. Anyway, with that prelude, we give you the bestest crosswalk light EVAH!

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Make Those Who Govern the Metro Ride the Metro

Over the last week, as I was dealing with DC’s creaking Metro rail system (aka ‘the Metro’), I thought to myself, “I wonder how many of the fuckers charged with the Metro’s oversight actually use it?” Related to that scintillating … Continue reading

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What Is Disrupting the Taxi Industry?

I’ve never quite understood the hype around Über and Lyft. It always struck me as a taxi service with a real good smartphone front-end. Apparently, I’m not the only one (boldface mine): So the lesson—as true with car services as … Continue reading

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I Really Hope This Isn’t How Development Works

So Cell published this cover: If this how things work, we should all be dead: 1) In every city I’ve ever been in, the Red Line is always screwed up. 2) The Green Line is always fucked. 3) The Blue … Continue reading

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My Fellow Riders and I Will Attack You on the Metro

Or something (boldface mine): After finishing up her Saturday shift on Aug. 2, the Sunglass Hut sales associate smoked a cigarette in her car before embarking on that evening’s adventures. She needed something to calm her nerves: She was about … Continue reading

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Trains Versus Cars: The Costs Favor Trains

By way of Greater Greater Washington, we come across this post which argues that expanding the Metro system would be cheaper than expanding I-66, a major part of the DC area interstate system: In Arlington for instance, going to eight-car … Continue reading

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Another Undah?

A while ago, I posted a photo of the last vestiges of the old T, the Scollay Under sign in the corner of the Blue Line platform at Park Street (now closed for construction). During the repairs, two other Under … Continue reading

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