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Will Occupy Wall Street Remain Non-Violent?

I hope so. To morph into a violent movement would be both ethically wrong and tactically stupid. But in the face of this: (from here) it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that, at some point, some of the OWS protestors … Continue reading

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So When Do Obama and Attorney General Holder Do Something About the UC Davis Brutality?

(original here) Probably never, since the Obama administration has a long standing de facto policy of shitting on the people it will need for re-election. I do not understand the silence in the face of this (boldface mine): When you … Continue reading

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Texas Dems Fight Against Texas GOP Vaginal Intrusion Act*

One of the two major parties is in complete thrall to fanatics who believe that intimidating women through government-mandaged vaginal penetration, discomfort and pain is an acceptable means of convincing women to not have abortions. How this is markedly different than a torture regime is unclear.
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Obama’s Speech: One Thing I Liked, and One Thing Not So Much

Honesty requires the unlovely recognition that some of us aren’t all that good.
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“There. Are. Four. Lights”: How Torture Became Mainstream

Creating “a powerful climate of opinion in which their recognizably crazy and fringe politics came to be seen as reasonable and a plausible element in national governance.”
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Torture Investigations Will Help Obama, Not Hurt Him

Once again, more brilliant strategery from the Obama camp. Or not.
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According to NPR, It’s Not Torture When We Do It

Regarding torture, we need to not only call out the effects of moral degeneracy, we need to castigate the degenerates.
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