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A Possible Cause For D.C.’s Increasing Homicides?

Whatever could it be? A while ago, I noted that D.C. has seen a spike in gun-related crimes (assaults and robberies) even though the total amount of violent crimes has only increased slightly: Here’s the key point: homicides are up … Continue reading

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Police Officers Get ‘Teachered’: Accountability Vs. Transparency

A while ago, I contrasted our expectations for teachers versus police officers: It’s weird: one group of heavily unionized public workers is under a constant barrage of claims of being underqualified, while another, with much lower educational standards, gets a … Continue reading

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D.C.’s Crime Wave: Deadlier, But Not More Of It

Since D.C. is the nation’s capital, things that happen here have a disproportionate influence on the policy-making class (politicians, pundits, reporters, and policy wonks). While that’s an unfair burden for any city to bear, especially one that has limited control … Continue reading

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An Anti-Crime Plan: Well-Intentioned But Could End Badly

Consider this a case of genuinely good intentions that could–and probably will–go wrong. Also, I’ve never understood why an anti-crime plan is referred to as a ‘crime plan’, but the ANC commissioner for Logan Circle has a ten-point crime plan. … Continue reading

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Trauma and Our Law Enforcement System

In reading this article about a district attorney who is personally responsible for the U.S.’s highest per capita death penalty rate, it pretty clear he has seen some horrible stuff (boldface mine): And he has been willing to recount his … Continue reading

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The Non-Existent Ferguson Effect: The D.C. Edition

I’m old enough to remember when people talked about a supposed ‘Ferguson effect’–crime was rising since police were afraid of being viewed as overly aggressive. And then there’s the reality in Washington, D.C. (boldface mine): But is there a “Ferguson … Continue reading

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WACO Bikers Get TSA’ed

I’ve long suspected the reason why many white people get bent out of shape over the TSA airport security measures is that it’s one of the few times white people get treated like black and brown people–they are presumed to … Continue reading

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