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Trauma and Our Law Enforcement System

In reading this article about a district attorney who is personally responsible for the U.S.’s highest per capita death penalty rate, it pretty clear he has seen some horrible stuff (boldface mine): And he has been willing to recount his … Continue reading

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The Non-Existent Ferguson Effect: The D.C. Edition -have to argue that it increases homicides and decreases other crimes -also, a domestic dispute involving a 70-year old doesn’t seem like ‘juvenile super-predator’ I’m old enough to remember when people talked about a supposed ‘Ferguson effect’–crime was rising … Continue reading

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WACO Bikers Get TSA’ed

I’ve long suspected the reason why many white people get bent out of shape over the TSA airport security measures is that it’s one of the few times white people get treated like black and brown people–they are presumed to … Continue reading

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On Duggars and Technicalities

One of the common cultural tropes of the late 1970s and 1980s was the idea that criminals were getting away with crime due to ‘technicalities.’ This notion permeated popular culture–it was essentially a mandatory plot line in any police or … Continue reading

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When The Law Is Viewed As Unjust, Running From It Is A Rational Behavior

Regarding the killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, I noted: If you believe that the justice system is not just, then the decision to obey law enforcement simply becomes a cost-benefit analysis decision, not a moral or ethical one: running … Continue reading

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The Rationality of Running Away

One question I hear and read often is “why do (black) people run away from the police?” Implicit in that question is the idea that running away is pointless, that you’ll be caught anyway. Fortunately, we have sociologists who study … Continue reading

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When Corruption and Race Collide

A while ago, I argued that racism and corruption are inseparable–when you find one, the other will follow: In my experience, bigoted and racist local governments are usually the most corrupt: you can’t decide that laws will be applied unequally … Continue reading

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