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“Just a Few IQ Points”

When the story of the Flint, MI mass poisoning broke, it was clear, based on existing research, just how much of a future educational catastrophe this will be for an already stressed community (boldface added): To put this in context, … Continue reading

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When Seditious Conspiracists Become Terrorists

Or at least intimidators. From the Oregon Cowliphate (boldface mine): Fear of the militants occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and roaming the communities of Burns and Hines sits like a heavy winter fog over the area. More than a … Continue reading

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They’re Not Terrorists, They’re Seditious Conspiracists–And That Does Matter

I’m starting to lose my cool a bit with those in the Coalition of the Sane, who keep referring to the radical militants who have seized an Oregon federal bird sanctuary station (THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES, BUT THEY’LL NEVER … Continue reading

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The Phrase You’re Looking For Is ‘Seditious Conspiracist’

Regarding the radical paramilitants who have taken over a federal bird sanctuary in Oregon to defend arsonists and poachers (and whose supporters have issued death threats for months against the local sheriff for not using his Mythical Constitutional Sheriff Superpowers), … Continue reading

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Worth Noting What All The Fuss Is About

Regarding the Oregon insurgents (boldface mine): A jury sitting in Pendleton, Oregon found the Hammonds guilty of the arsons after a two-week trial in June 2012. The trial involved allegations that the Hammonds, owners of Hammond Ranches, Inc., ignited a … Continue reading

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Maybe BLM and Occupy Should Have Armed Themselves?

Once again, right wing insurgent groups are using the threat of violence in an attempt to influence government policy, this time in Oregon. We will, as we have done before, refer to Comrade Thers: Anyway, what we have here is … Continue reading

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A Possible Cause For D.C.’s Increasing Homicides?

Whatever could it be? A while ago, I noted that D.C. has seen a spike in gun-related crimes (assaults and robberies) even though the total amount of violent crimes has only increased slightly: Here’s the key point: homicides are up … Continue reading

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